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31 JAN 2015

Welcome ...

Not you? the one-customer experience.

We recognize how unique you are and are eager to show you that every offering we provide revolves around you.

At Sterling Bank, we understand that the choices you make today determine your tomorrow. We are the one-customer bank, and it’s all about you. Welcome to all things Sterling.

Ster-ling [stur-ling]: thoroughly excellent, honourable, first-rate, genuine and reliable.


Saving for a rainy day

At Sterling, banking is more than just your transactions... It is about our relationship with you. We personalize our services to suit your needs and keep you smiling always. From basic savings accounts to spectacular options, we've got the right solution for you. Stick to your resolutions and both you and your savings will be looking good!


Do you have a
Current Account?

Current Accounts facilitate a variety of personal and business transactions, and are very important. Your needs ensure that we deliver competitive industry-standard Current Accounts that come with amazing benefits.


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  • Account Opening Form (Corporate)
  • Consumer Loan Application Form
  • ATM Dispute Form
  • Internet Banking - Corporate Form
  • Internet Banking - Individual Form
  • SMS/Email Alert Request
  • Account Reactivation
  • Card Complaints/Re-issue
  • Charge Back
  • Counter Cheque
  • MIFT
  • Statement Form
  • Arsenal Kick-Off Account
  • Kia-Kia Account
  • Sterling Money
  • Verve Card Application Form
  • Visa Naira/Gold Card Form

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