-Kids can dream and set goals

-LCD displays deposits and balance

-Nigerian notes (Naira) inserts

-Coin/token reader inserts

-USB/Bluetooth Enabled


-Easy to learn Interactive Platform that teaches kids to earn, set goals, invest and save

-An exceptional tool that develops kid's sense of pride and confidence to reach their goal

Sterling e-moneybox App

Users can also play edutainment games using the app which can be downloaded on google play and Apple app store respectively The app allows users to track denominations and amounts deposited into the e-Moneybox™

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The Sterling Bank Tokens

The Tokens come in 100, 200, 500 and 1,000 denominations. The tokens are automatically read by the Sterling e-Moneybox and is a fun way to experience the Sterling e-Moneybox

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About The Box

The Sterling e-Money Box is an electronic version of the old ‘’money-saving’’ boxes we used to have as kids popularly known as ‘’kolo’’. Unlike the Kolo that must be broken first in order to retrieve money saved in them, the Sterling e-Money Box can be opened without being destroyed and it is durable for more number of years.
The Sterling e-Money Box will act as a physical bank to the children. It will make them actively involved in their savings. The Sterling e-Money Box also has a coin/token reader and inserts on it specifying where each denomination of the Naira can be inputted in order to make it easier for parents to teach their children.

How to Get a Moneybox

The moneybox is Free! All you have to do is make a savings deposit of N50,000 into an I Can Save account on which a lien will be placed for six months. The Moneybox is available in all Sterling Bank branches Nationwide

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